Seeds to sow in May

Gardening gifts

Make a difference!


  • Brown postage envelopes- are made from 100% recycled and recyclable material
  • White postage envelopes- are made from 100% recyclable paper padded envelopes
  • Seed Gift Boxes- are recyclable
  • Eco-mailing bags- the carbon-neutral mailing bags we use are produced from sugar cane. They are fully recyclable making these an improved environmental and eco-friendly alternative to the standard polythene mailing bags. 
  • Seed envelopes- are recyclable
  • Sticky tape- on the rare occasions when we need to use tape we use Zero Plastic tape which is 100% plant-based and plastic-free​


  • Like you, we care deeply about the environment and try to live as sustainably as we can.
  • We are gardeners who work without synthetic fertilisers or pesticides..  ​
  • We have made sure this ethos carries through to our packaging.
  • We research and resource our packaging carefully, making sure we are providing a service which is as eco-friendly as we can make it.