The Nostalgic Cottage Garden Flower Box (2 Options)


The Nostalgic Cottage Garden Flower Box is the spirit of Bishy Barnabees Cottage Garden encapsulated into one glorious, joyful box.

I’ve dreamt for a long time about creating a collection that brings together all my favourite, beautiful, cottage style flowers and this box is it! Filled to the brim with the timeless beauty of old fashioned favourites such as Hollyhocks, Forget-me-nots, Canterbury Bells and Larkspur to name but a few.

Flowers evoke such strong memories….just the scent or the colour can transport you back in time.
To childhood days spent lying in amongst the cornflowers watching the bees hard at work; Perhaps pottering with grandparents in the garden helping to pick armfuls of sweet-peas and breathing in the heady scent; Or maybe the scent of hyacinths opening in a warm kitchen bringing colour and cheer to a cold spring day
Flowers are the very essence of our garden memories and conjure up long ago days and time spent with loved ones.

Creating a flower garden is to surround yourself with beauty; It’s a pinch of escapism, a sprinkle of nostalgia and spoonful of vibrancy. All combined to make a large slice of pure happiness!

The Nostalgic Cottage Garden Flower Box (2 Options)
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