The Herb Collection


Herb gardens are special

places. Fragrant, beautiful, beneficial and delicious.

A place for people to relax and pollinators to gather. Herbs are so attractive mixed into borders, grown along pathways, mixed in amongst vegetables or in their own designated area.

The heady mix of evocative scents as you brush past them, the beauty of the flowers and the sense of well-being and joy herbs give is truly incredible.

Its one of life’s great pleasures to be able to go into your garden/patio/window box and pick fresh herbs to immediately add to your meals.

The herb seed collection contains:

🐞Basil….nothing can beat the summery scent and taste of freshly cut basil

🐞Oregano…fragrant, green leaves and pinky-purple flowers. Oregano brings a sweetness and warmth to dishes

🐞Mint…a very useful herb with aromatic leaves and pretty flowers. Use fresh or dried in a variety of dishes and drinks

🐞Chives…a popular and easy to grow herb. With narrow leaves and beautiful, pink flowers. Use to flavour all sorts of dishes from salad, potatoes, soups and casseroles

🐞Parsley (Plain Leaved)…plain leaved parsley has a stronger flavour than the curly leaf varieties making it very useful to add to many different meals

All our collection boxes contain 5 full-sized packets of seeds, carefully curated to make a wonderful gift for someone special.

We care about the environment as much as you and so all our packaging is either recyclable or compostable. We garden organically and sustainabye, encouraging wildlife to make their home alongside us in our cottage garden.

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The Herb Collection


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