The Biennial Cottage Garden Flower Box


Fabulous biennials! Gorgeous, nostalgic and often scented; these flowers are completely perfect for a relaxed, cottage style type of planting and are a total game changer if you want to extend your flowering season.

A little sowing in midsummer will give you a head start in the flower garden and will provide you with blooms from early spring until your autumn sown annuals to burst into life and the baton is passed on. Biennials are also invaluable to bees who are about early in the year, providing much needed nourishment.

I used to have a hard time understanding biennials…why would you want to sow something that sounded as though it would take two years to flower, where’s the fun in that?!

But actually all it means is that you sow in midsummer to flower the following spring….no hardship at all!

In fact, sowing seeds and knowing you have next years spring flowers underway will fill you with a quiet satisfaction and then when they spring into life early in the season and you are immersed in colour, scent and happiness, you’ll be so glad you took a little time in June to sow them.

This beautiful box contains 8 biennial varieties and comes recommended by the Instagram cut flower legends; Sophie @oldhouseintheshires and Helier @garden_goddess_uk for use during their fabulous online growing from seed flower course.


Foxglove Alba….The quintessential cottage garden flower. Adding elegance with its tall spires of white flowers

Sweet William….A lovely mix of bi-coloured flowers which will bloom for months

Pansy Blue Velvet….Stunning, large and vibrant, these cheerful flowers in a deep blue (almost purple) in colour are great for containers and baskets as well as borders

Hesperis….Fabulous and scented, Hesperis lasts well in a vase and the bees adore it.

Canterbury Bells….Traditional, bell shaped flowers in blue, pink and white.

Honesty….The flower that keeps on giving! First up the enchanting purple and white early flowers followed by (if left to go to seed) the magical, translucent seed pods to use in dried flower arrangements.

Viola Cornuta….A mix of colours, both bi-coloured and single. Useful in borders, containers and rock gardens

Wallflower Ivory White….Scented and delicious, it opens as the palest yellow and then fades to ivory



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The Biennial Cottage Garden Flower Box


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