Cosmos Seashell – 100 Seeds


Cosmos are amazing. Beautiful and elegant and yet so easy to grow and versatile.

These seashell lovelies have pastel-hued fluted petals, each one resembling a dainty seashell.

Cosmos make a wonderful cut flower, they are one of the most productive cut flowers you can grow and have gorgeous ferny foliage. They last well in a vase and the bees and other pollinating insects find them irresistible.

Keep cutting to encourage repeat flowering and they will bloom from August to October. When deadheading cut the stem back to just above a leaf node to encourage more flowers.

Sow from April indoors to plant out after the last frosts or you can sow them direct where they are to grow in May.

I like to sow them in April into trays of moist compost 0.5cm deep. Keep them in a warm place (15-20 degrees) and they’ll appear in 14-21 days

Transplant to a pot once large enough to handle and grow on in cooler but not cold conditions. Acclimatise the plants before planting out when all risk of frost has passed.

They will need staking if the site is exposed.

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Cosmos Seashell – 100 Seeds


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