Ammi Majus – 500 Seeds


This has to be one of the most useful and beautiful cut flowers ever!

Dreamy, domes of elegant white petals bringing a relaxed meadow vibe to any display. A cloud of delicate, lacy umbellifers….great mixed with almost any other flower, add these to a vase and immediately you get a country cottage feel and can breathe easily again.

Ammi is a hardy annual and so can be sown either in late Aug/early Sept or in April/May once the soil has warmed up a bit.

An autumn sowing will give you much larger, taller plants (they can grow up to 1.2m) than those sown in spring but really this is such a versatile flower that I do both and extend my flower season.

Ammi has a long taproot that can be easily damaged when transplanting from pot to garden, so many people will advise you to only sow directly where they are to grow.

I have to say I haven’t ever found transplanting them a problem although I do take great care….so yet again I hedge my bets and sow directly both in autumn and spring, plus I sow some in trays to overwinter in the polytunnel.

Rake the soil to a fine tilth and moisten the soil before you sow and only cover the seeds very lightly. These seeds are incredibly tiny and can wash away easily if you blast them with water after sowing.

Keep moist, they will not be happy if you let them dry out. They like full sun and well-drained soil.

I would advise growing through netting for support.

Grow these…that’s all you need to know!

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Ammi Majus – 500 Seeds


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