How it all began

When I was young I adored spending time in the garden.  Helping my father to sow carrots and beans or following behind my grandmother, watching her pick ripe tomatoes & crush bugs between finger and thumb (my grandmother had no time for bugs in her greenhouse!)

As I grew up, gardening became crucial to my well-being and happiness.  A sanctuary during difficult times, somewhere to relax and invite friends, a place to grow things with my own children when they were small, creating a vegetable patch and flower gardens when time allowed and always, always just loving time spent outdoors, creating, nurturing, tasting.

The Early Years

I worked for many years in Early Years and Primary schools and made sure gardening was included at some point during the week.  Allowing the children to take ownership of their garden and teaching them patience, resilience, failure and success and the satisfaction of harvesting and eating what they had worked so hard to grow…it was always a delight to see the happiness and pride they took in tending and nurturing their garden.

Plot Twist

Then came 2020 and the plot twist that was COVID.  My garden became more important to me than ever before and I wanted to find some way of sharing the positivity, joy and satisfaction that gardening brings and spreading seeds of happiness far and wide

Sowing seeds of happiness

It was time to follow my dream and to set up Bishy Barnabee’s Cottage Garden.

A friendly business that would sell fabulous flower, vegetable, chilli and herb seeds along with carefully curated boxes of seeds to give as gifts.

A place to inspire others to pick up their trowel and create beautiful flower and kitchen gardens (however large or small) filled with colour, delicious tastes and happiness and to sow, grow and reap the rewards.

A business where sustainability would be at the heart.  A commitment to work as sustainably as I can in my own garden and this commitment reflecting through to my packaging.

Everything from the glassines which hold the seeds to the boxes arriving on your doorstep are either recyclable or compostable & created with love.

And so Bishy Barnabee’s Cottage Garden was born.  Come with me on this journey and grow, flourish and spread the happiness.

Happy Gardening

Melanie x